Webcast Access:

Help for Viewing Webcasts:

  • RealPlayer software is required to view NewYorkAdmin webcast (free download). Windows users: install previous version RealPlayer SP .

  • Once installed, RealPlayer will automatically open and load when a live or archived webcast is selected.

  • Videos are not downloadable, saveable, or recordable. NewYorkAdmin video is strictly streaming media - videos have to be viewed while connected to the Internet.

Common Errors and Fixes:

  • "Requested file not found" error: please make sure to refresh the video access page to get the newest link. If after refreshing the page, you still get the same error, please contact NewYorkAdmin.

  • "Connection to server has timed out" error: this typically means that there is bandwidth congestion on the network you are using or a limited amount of computer processing capacity. You can adjust the stream speed and time out settings on your player. Please see below for instructions. If adjusting settings doesn't help, please contact your IT or network department for support.

  • "Connection to server cannot be established" error: this typically means that there is a firewall or proxy server blocking our content. Please see our server addresses and ports used below. This information can be provided to your network administration group to allow content from our server to your computer.

Adjusting Stream Speed and Time Out Settings:

Stream Speed (if experiencing congestion):

  • From the Tools menu, select Preferences.

  • From the left column, highlight Connection.

  • In the right side of the window, under Bandwidth, using the pull down menus, change the Normal and Maximum settings to Single ISDN (64 Kbps).

  • Uncheck box for "Automatically detect bandwidth when playback begins" or the like

  • This will force your player to get Admin's slower stream at 34 Kbps versus the 80 Kbps. The picture quality is only slightly compromised, but it consumes less than half of the bandwidth as the higer rate stream.

  • Click OK.

Time Out Setting (if experiencing time out errors)

  • From the Tools menu, select Preferences.

  • From the left column, highlight Connection.

  • In the right side of the window, under Network Time-out, change the Connection and Server settings to 90 seconds or more.

  • This will keep you connected to the server longer before you get a time out error, giving your system and/or network more time to catch up.

  • Click OK.

See image below for both setting adjustments outlined above. After clicking OK, you must close your RealPlayer window for the changes to take affect.

Admin Server IP Addresses and Ports Used:

  • Admin's video server domain names: streaming.aanet.org -- your network adminstration can do an NS Lookup for these server domains to determine the IP addresses to allow

  • Ports that need to be open: 8080 and 554

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