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NewYorkAdmin Meeting CDs

NewYorkAdmin CDs are designed for those who would like a hard copy of any meeting NewYorkAdmin covers (including special sessions).

Not everyone has a fast Internet connection. Nor does everyone always have a connection to the Internet. NewYorkAdmin Meeting CDs are a solution to these problems, providing both portability and permanence.

For $125, we can send you a meeting on CD. NewYorkAdmin CDs are also customizable. If you are interested in only certain parts of a meeting, we can place just those parts on the CD so your time is fully utilized. Charge for customization of a meeting CD is $50 per hour, in addition to the charge of $125 per meeting.

For more information about this new service or to purchase a NewYorkAdmin CD, please contact:

Carley Taglieri
Email: CarleyTaglieri@NewYorkAdmin.com
Phone: (512) 708-0793
Toll Free: (866)-226-6627
Fax: (512) 828-7141

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