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About NewYorkAdmin

NewYorkAdmin.com, Inc. is a subsidiary of AdminMonitor.com, Inc. (Admin). Other subsidiaries include TexasAdmin.com, and CaliforniaAdmin.com.

Admin and its subsidiaries provide webcasts of key administrative meetings and workshops by streaming video live, to be viewed in real-time, or on-demand from our archives. The technology used to create and archive this Internet video is provided by AANet of Albany, NY.

Individuals and organizations save time and money, as webcasts provide complete access and insight to all aspects of decisions affecting them or their company without the expense of travel or sacrificing valuable hours of the work day.

Features and Benefits:

  • View meetings live from any computer, anywhere
  • View, review, research, reference meetings from our archives anytime, anywhere, from any computer
  • Send highlights or points of interest to others from archives with E-Clip service
  • View high-quality video streamed at a low speeds (80 kbps and 34 kbps)
  • Download player software at no cost
NewYorkAdmin.Com, Inc.
1210 San Antonio Street
Suite 703
Austin, Texas 78701
Toll Free: (866)-226-6627
Fax: (512) 828-7141

Chairman & President:
Dennis Thomas

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